Yes, that is my real name.

I am Sage Turk.  If I’m not what you expected, I don’t blame you.  I’m not a mountain-top guru or a middle eastern shrub or a vegan stripper (although if I ever do drag it’ll be as Helvetica Bold).  What I am is passionate.  And helpful.  And kind. I do love to talk, but not usually about myself – so allow me to make an exception and tell you about who I am…after all you did come to my website.

As for my career, I have spent almost 15 years leading incredible people, projects and products in almost every creative field. Here are the highlights.


I lead Creative Projects

10+ years experience.  notable titles: Head of Experticity Studios, Sr. Director of Content Strategy 

For the last decade, my life has been dedicated to building and leading teams of creatives – writers, designers, illustrators and more – who specialize in educational and authentic multi-media experiences. The in-house agency I built within ExpertVoice mastered the skills necessary to produce informative, interactive multi-media content for hundreds (yes hundreds) of the world’s biggest brands on a massive scale (400+ content experiences, including microsites, videos and quizzes, per year).  Sure, my teams and I have won awards (there are a few heavy shelves inside our studio) but it’s the smaller more personal projects, the ones that really let myself and my team show off their creativity, that I’m particularly proud of.  I’ve written hundreds of scripts and voice acted.  I’ve podcasted and done public speaking.  I’ve illustrated kids’ books and card games.  Every square inch of blank paper within a 30ft radius is covered in doodles.  Being creative is my addiction and the first step is admitting I have a problem.  Seriously. I can’t stop. Please send help.

A quick glimpse at the myriad projects i’ve overseen at ExpertVoice.

I lead Marketing Projects

14+ years experience.  Notable Titles: Sr. Creative Director – Letter23 Advertising, Sr. Creative Director – Swarmbuilder

I began my career building campaigns and content for massive national (and international) brands across a dizzying array of media types for one of Utah’s top advertising agencies – and in the 13 years since I’ve never slowed down.  If you can name a traditional or digital medium, I’ve personally designed and/or lead teams of creatives to deliver it.  I eat marketing acronyms for breakfast.  I bleed branding. I frankly love communicating with people, and whether that be the surprise and delight of a well-crafted radio ad, a particularly memorable TV spot or helping build out an advocacy marketing strategy, as long as it’s in the service helping people find out more about things they love, I’m happy.

An video project I helmed to explain the value of Advocacy Marketing done right.

I lead Video Production

10+ years experience.  Notable titles: Head Writer/Director – Epic Genius Media, Director of Creative Services – Experticity


As a producer, director, and writer I have been responsible for creating every conceivable form of video marketing content on the planet.  I have built internal video teams and capabilities from the ground up including, most recently, a fully functional video production studio that began in a humble conference room with a home-made green screen and has transformed into a full-service creative agency (with a real STORE BOUGHT green screen).  Every year my team produces HUNDREDS of hours of world-class content quickly, efficiently and always exceeding our client’s expectations (while coming in under budget).  I happen to be good on and off camera, love interviewing and interacting with talent and write screenplays in my spare time…if such a thing even exists.


A montage of many of our most creative videos featuring my team’s motion capture work.

I lead Product Development

2+ years experience.  Notable Titles: Head of Experticity Studios, Sr. Director of Content Strategy & Development


Along with developing content, I have also been heavily involved in developing the tools, templates, and formats necessary to scale our production and improve quality, mobile compatibility and speed to launch.  In 2018 I formally accepted a Senior Director role in the Product Development department of ExpertVoice to continue this role in a more formal role.  From pre-vis and testing, developing alpha/beta/go-to-market funnels, product marketing our releases and utilizing SCRUM, Sprint & Agile methodologies to Product Manage, I have been critically involved in deploying hundreds of releases for an extremely complex SaaS/Marketing/Education/eCommerce company.


An overview of one of our most massive feature builds – a host of client facing self services apps.

I lead Client Collaboration

Number of clients interfaced with: 500+  notable categories: Outdoor, Apparel & Footwear, Beauty, Nutrition, Hunt/Fish, Consumer Electronics, Non-Profit


Over the course of my career I have been required to meet with hundreds of brand stakeholders in diverse positions – from Marketing Directors to Sales Leads to Product Engineers to CEOs.  For the last decade, I have been involved almost daily in collaborating, presenting work, fielding feedback and developing goals and KPIs for a huge and diverse pool of clients and partners.  I frequently assist our sales team in project scoping, I coach my team on improving their client interaction skills and I take it as a point of pride that my personal relationships with my clients and internal stakeholders are universally positive.


A compilation of testimonials from clients i’ve interfaced with over the years.

And most importantly, I lead People

Average team size managed: 20  Maximum team size managed: 35  Number of interviews: 200+  Number of direct hires: 20+

Throughout my career, my greatest joy has been the people i’ve worked with.  I have been honored to lead and thus be taught by dozens of incredible, talented individuals.  My number one career aspiration has been and will always be to use my position to better the career of those beneath and beside me.  I love the challenges and rewards of leadership and the satisfaction of watching a team come together to tackle a complex problem both efficiently and enthusiastically.  I love working 1 on 1, in small groups and in large, highly specialized team structures.  I am not so much a people person as a person person.  I believe in the inherent individual worth of all I meet and love being reminded time and again how much I still have to learn from my fellow humans.

One of my favorite yearly holiday ‘cards’ I produced with my team.

Odds & Ends

What’s this?  You’re still here.  Well that must mean you want to hear fun facts about me so here goes:  One of my kids is named after an Arrested Development character (Maebe) and the other after the greatest pop icon of all time (Bowie).  I once pet the tongue of the whale actor that played Willy in the movie Free Willy.  I have hiked or camped almost every square inch of Utah’s wilderness, even the parts i’m not supposed to.  My wife and I are obsessed with rock hounding and collecting, especially coprolites which are dinosaur poop.  I wrote an almost 200 page screen play for the sequel to beloved 80’s fantasy adventure Willow.  Hot sauce goes on everything.  I once co-read Dostoevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor out loud from start to finish for a podcast mini-series I helped produce. I was at one time a professional cheerleading camp instructor for the NCA.  I’ve been sunburned by the moon before.  Only one of these things is not true.


Thanks for visiting…

If you want to know more, contact me at or find me on linkedin or instagram (i’m the only Sage Turk so I should be easy to find) or watch more videos from my team here: ExpertVoice Video Channel .  Bye!